Unattended Funerals

Tamworth Co-operative Society’s lowest cost funeral option

We offer an unattended service for £1,290. The service is aimed at people who have expressed a wish to have a ‘no frills’ send-off without mourners. It is also suitable for families on limited budgets.

While a ceremony might be important to many of us, some prefer not to have their loved ones ‘crying over them’ at an emotional send-off in a church or crematorium. We understand and respect that choice.

Before the unattended funeral service was introduced Tamworth Co-operative Society’s minimum charge was around £2,750, including cemetery or crematorium fees.

The price of the unattended service also covers such disbursements. You will still receive our utmost care and attention following a bereavement. Our professional, highly trained staff will make all the arrangements and guide you through the whole process.

Prior to the cremation your loved one will be collected and taken into our care at our Upper Gungate funeral home. We will also organise the legal paperwork. No viewing of the deceased is available with this service. 

Even though this is the most cost-effective service we offer, maintaining the dignity of the deceased at all times is paramount. He or she will be provided with a gown and an inexpensive coffin. They will then be taken to a co-operative owned crematorium in a private ambulance rather than a traditional hearse. The cremation will take place within 48 hours of us receiving notification of the next available date.

Following cremation, the ashes will be either returned to us to pass to the family or scattered at the crematorium.

Glen Speak, general manager of Tamworth Co-op Funeral Service, said that opting for the unattended service does not exclude the opportunity to take advantage of its many other services.

“Once the cremation has taken place, it might be the case that the ashes are to be interred in another family grave. We can still take care of an interment and provide a casket.

“Families can also choose to have the reception at our Mews catering suite on a different day if they want to mark the event themselves with a gathering of relations and friends of the deceased."

The cost of an unattended service includes:

  • The collection of the deceased, either from home or a hospital
  • Carrying out the necessary paperwork to comply with regulations
  • Arranging the cremation
  • Returning ashes to the family or having them scattered at the crematorium

*The unattended service is in keeping with Tamworth Co-operative Society’s Fair Funerals pledge.

Tamworth Co-op funeral staff display Fair Funerals pledge to provide affordable and transparent service.
Our Fair Funerals pledge to provide an affordable and transparent service.
Glen Speak-

Glen Speak M.B.I.E. General Manager of Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service

Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors which was established in 1905. All members abide by the NAFD Funeral Promise.

“By choosing us, you can be assured that the funeral is a fitting farewell to your loved one at a price you are comfortable with, that we will treat you and your loved one with respect at all times, and act with integrity. We will seek to fulfil any special wishes and requests.”

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