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Our work with bereaved families helped to win us a Good Funeral Award

Tamworth Co-op cheque presentation to Cruse South Staffordshire 2

Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service supports Cruse South Staffordshire in its work with the bereaved. Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service general manager Amanda Woodward is pictured (left) presenting Sue Williams, chair of the organisation, with a cheque for £145. The money enabled the group to set up a helpline.

We also provide assistance to the Step by Step group which supports bereaved parents in Tamworth. The group's founder Maria Holton and trained CRUSE counsellor Richard Lockwood are pictured right.

For many years now we have recognised the importance of supporting the bereaved not just with the practicalities of making funeral arrangements, but also with the emotional side of loss.

In our day-to-day contact with families we are acutely aware of the pain they are experiencing as the result of the death of someone close and naturally we want to help them as much as we can.

Sometimes simply offering a listening ear is enough to provide the comfort that people seek. Our sympathetic funeral arrangers fulfil this need constantly, but it isn’t always that straightforward.

Some people find it harder than others to cope with their grief. This is why Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service runs a Bereavement Advice Centre where anyone, irrespective of whether they have arranged a funeral with us, can turn to for support.

Backed by the resources and caring ethos of the Tamworth Co-operative Society, we also fund the activities of the Step by Step group, which mainly works with bereaved parents, and Cruse South Staffordshire. The latter organisation has a base at our Upper Gungate premises, where it holds one-to-one specialist sessions for the bereaved, as well coffee mornings for those who prefer to meet in a group. This service is free and confidential.

The following article by Phil Shanahan about Step by Step was published in the media:

Step by Step group offers a lifeline to parents who have lost a child

The unbearable pain of losing a child can drive parents to behave in ways they could never previously have imagined.

A Stonydelph mum on hearing the news that her son had died in an accident pinched herself so hard ‘to wake herself up’ that she still bears the scars from her fingernails seven years later. She had his ashes placed in a teddy bear so he can still be present at family events and even be included on the photographs.

Glen Speak-

Glen Speak M.B.I.E. General Manager of Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service

Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors which was established in 1905. All members abide by the NAFD Funeral Promise.

“By choosing us, you can be assured that the funeral is a fitting farewell to your loved one at a price you are comfortable with, that we will treat you and your loved one with respect at all times, and act with integrity. We will seek to fulfil any special wishes and requests.”

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