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Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service’s range of coffins and caskets includes ‘green’ options

Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service offers a wide selection of coffins and caskets to suit varying budgets and personal preferences.

Some families request traditional materials and we have a range of coffins made from veneered wood or solid timber. We also have a choice of American-style caskets.

Coffins can be finished in various colours and designs, or even personalised and decorated with pictures. The ‘Bed of Roses’ is one of many eye-catching designs available.

In a world that is rapidly being depleted of its natural resources, we are also pleased to offer various environmentally-friendly coffins, made from sustainable materials. These include cardboard, bamboo and willow. The latter are handmade and 100 per cent biodegradable. They are made in villages and farms using traditional skills, which helps support rural economies, keeping communities together.

Bamboo is an exceptionally good choice in terms of sustainability. It is the fastest growing woody plant on earth and actually benefits from being harvested. In addition, plantations prevent soil erosion, cooling the temperature and producing oxygen. The type of bamboo used in our coffins is not eaten by pandas and therefore does not harm their natural habitat.

Willow is also fast growing and thrives on regular cropping. It has the added advantage of absorbing and locking in carbon dioxide during growth. The CO2 will remain in the willow if it is buried. When cremated, only the same quantity is released into the environment, making it carbon neutral. It grows without the need for fertiliser and even makes poor soil more fertile. A further benefit is that it helps provide a valuable haven for wildlife. Urns are available in bamboo and willow too.



Cardboard Coffins

More and more families are choosing cardboard coffins, particularly among the younger generation. They can be made to order in virtually every colour under the rainbow and a variety of designs. For example, we arranged a cardboard coffin decorated with a picture of The Flying Scotsman for a man who loved trains.

If you’re looking for something more unusual still, our Memory Bear has velvety, light brown fur, black button eyes and a brown nose and mouth. The bear comes with a soft pouch which can hold a child’s cremated remains, or a small amount of adult cremated remains. The pouch can also be removed to store precious keepsakes.

Our funeral arrangers will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Glen Speak-

Glen Speak M.B.I.E. General Manager of Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service

Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors which was established in 1905. All members abide by the NAFD Funeral Promise.

“By choosing us, you can be assured that the funeral is a fitting farewell to your loved one at a price you are comfortable with, that we will treat you and your loved one with respect at all times, and act with integrity. We will seek to fulfil any special wishes and requests.”

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